Server Management

Krazy Bot have many features for Managing Servers like Custom Suggestions , complains Other than those It have various commands like for announcements , polls


Krazy Bot also have various fun commands for enjoying on discord with friends , It also have some games along with a small Currency, It also have Image manuplation commands


Krazy Bot have many special features like Tickets, Welcome Messages , Join roles , Join name , Leave messages, Reaction roles , Auto roles and many more things


Krazy bot have many moderation commands for cleaning the chat , managing Users, Roles , channels It makes all the stuff really easy for you, and It have many Automated Moderation features too like Anti-spam , Anti-link and more


Krazy Bot have 24/7 Support, You can complain/Suggest anytime from any server where krazy bot is present via k!bsug, k!bcomp command and Support Server is always there for your support with a good and friendly Staff


There are many more features like Covid Statistics , General commands includes commands for getting information , Message Tracker and Notes with various management commands


Server : 900+

Users : 130k+